2016 Heritage Management Plan Commissioned and Disregarded by Australia Post

Australia Post commissioned a report by Clive Lucas, Stapleton & Partners in April 2016 as part of the sale process, but it was subsequently discarded. Clive Lucas, Stapleton & Partners have been the principal heritage architects for the Sydney GPO building since 1984, and that plan and report was very specific in recommending that an Australian buyer was preferred from a heritage perspective:

"Very substantial loss of significance may occur should any part of the place be sold or otherwise alienated from Australian ownership. Alternatives to any proposed alienation should be vigorously investigated and should alienation proceed a high level of mitigation is appropriate.

The sale or alienation of the place is considered to be very undesirable."

The report stresses the importance that Australia Post thoroughly explores all alternatives that have the potential to impact the heritage features of the building. This advice has been ignored by Ahmed Fahour and Australia Post who proceeded with the secretive sale of the GPO to foreign developers Far East Organization removing the possibility of Australian ownership.


2016 Sydney GPO Heritage Management Plan Comissioned by Australia Post

2016 heritage management plan

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