Far East redevelopment disaster

When your main focus is maximising the return on your investment there can be no consideration for the heritage implications of your plans. Examples of the redevelopment options currently being considered by Far East are addressed below.


Far East's Development Proposal will see the 1927 Replica Postal Hall torn down despite its construction and maintenance being the condition that allowed the original Postal Hall to be demolished in 1999.


Voids proposed to be filled in by Far East would obstruct the public's view of the lower ground floor, historically the GPO mail sorting area, destroying public access to an important heritage feature.


Far East proposes to demolish the Prime Restaurant dining room and use it as a kitchen and storage for a new restaurant to be located within the banking chamber on the ground floor (currently used as Wentworth Art Gallery.

As recommended by Clive Lucas Stapleton and Partners (the heritage architects assigned to create the 1999 and 2016 Heritage Management Plans), any major works to the GPO, inside or out, would be considered inappropriate, since the 1997-99 major redevelopment of the GPO had been a success in terms of reconstruction with respect to the heritage of the building.
"As the place was extensively repaired, restored, reconstructed and adapted in 1997-99 most of the most significant spaces have been put into a configuration that should be maintained and very little change, in some cases no change at all is appropriate other than maintenance."

As such Far East's development plans to significantly alter the interior of the GPO would violate the important heritage considerations undertook during the 1997-99 redevelopment and in the process destroy public access to important historical features.

Redevelopment being considered by Far East Organization

  1. Demolition of the 1927 Replica Postal Hall, whose construction and maintenance were the conditions that allowed the demolition of the original Postal Hall in 1999. This is being proposed to accommodate more space for retail which would disassociate the space from its historical use and also obstruct views of the atrium.

  2. Filling in of voids on the Ground Floor, originally implemented to give the public unobstructed views of the Lower Ground Floor which used to be the GPO mail sorting area. Like the proposed demolition of the Postal Hall, this is being proposed to accommodate more space for retail which would severely impact on access to important heritage features.

  3. Demolition of the Prime Restaurant which features the heritage sandstone walls of the original building. Far East Organization proposes to convert the space into a kitchen and storage space entirely inaccessable to the public.